Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Happy Circles Table Runner - Pattern

This is a pattern which I really fancy doing. I think this is the one on Fiona's blog  but I'll have to check with her this Friday afternoon at the Bean & Brush cafe.

Here's the pattern instructions that go with it...

Make a chain (multiple of 8). I made 56 chains (Fig. 1)

Make a shell of 6 dc at the 4th. chain from hook, and close the shell with a st (slip stitch) at the 4th. chain from the shell center. (Fig. 2)

Continue making shells of 6 dc all along the chain. The center of each shell will be at the 4th. chain from the last "st" of the previous shell. (Fig. 3)

Turn down your work and start making shells in the opposite side. (Fig. 4)

Make 3 dc and join the circle to the previous color circles row with a slip stitch. (Fig. 5)

Complete the circle with 3 dc and close it with a slip stitch (Fig. 6)


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Free e-books online

Hello Peeps....I'm really quite excited at my new find on the net. I've been tidying up my internet favourites bar into more organised folders and came across Julia Crossland's blog..

Well anyway Julia's shared her first free e-book which has some lovely crochet patterns and so me being a real tight-wad (I was in Accounts before being made redundant) very quickly opened up this super-dupa freebie and then quickly discovered MORE FREE e-books - yay - love that

As so many of you bloggers out there are fab at sharing patterns and I'm just a baby crocheter and can't create my own patterns, I thought I'd share my fantabulous find...before I zone out completely in free e-book-land for the rest of the afternoon !!

Here's the linky...     I just did a search for crochet and lods of stuff popped up !!

Try this book - especially if you're a beginner...

I did try to embed this book onto my blog but not being a techy type I couldn't manage it. Hopefully you will all have better luck than me..

Have fun :-)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

First Time Ripple

 Here's some pics of my first time ripple......made using Lucy's Neat Ripple pattern - see link below

It's going to be a cushion cover for an 18" pad but I still need to add about another 7 rows of ripples then double crochet up both sides before I turn it into a cushion cover.

The number of foundation chains used was (5 x 14) for the ripples  + 3 for the turning chain = 73

2011-10-19 001Ripple2011-10-19 003

Thursday, 13 October 2011



I've just been inspired by Heather's most recent post - she has some amazing photos of dahlias - sooo I thought I'd post some of mine taken at Arley Hall gardens. I use my favourite flower photos as my computer screen save slide show thingy so it would be nice to share some on my blog....

Friday, 7 October 2011

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Reverse Crochet Stitch or Crab Stitch Tutorial

This is a great tutorial from sediesells showing really clearly the reverse crochet stitch (us single, uk double).  I used this stitch to create a lovely edging around my baby blanket (featured in my last post).

Mind you, I'm having to watch it again as I need to use it on my lapghan that I'm hoping to finish soon.  It uses the same pattern as the baby blanket except it's larger and uses more colours.  I'll write out the pattern I used which was from a lovely book by Melody Griffiths....can't do it now though or I'll not get any hooky done :-)

I've added the link for this video and Sedie's website so you can check out more of her tutorials and blog.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Coffee, Crochet & Chat at the Bean & Brush Cafe

I was very brave this afternoon and went to my first crochet outing at the Bean & Brush cafe in Sale....I met Fiona ( and Sarah ( there ..... helloo again..thanks for putting up with me.  I had a lovely time so deffo going to go again :-)

It's time for a show and tell latest finished baby blanket.....

This is at the blocking stage

a close up

And an even closer close-up...shame the colours aren't life like....the colour in the middle is a sea green.

The wool I used was Wendy DK Mode and was lovely to crochet with.  I bought it on-line at Kemps Wool shop and Deramores.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

pinkfluffywarrior: Crochet flower bunting / triangles (PATTERN)

pinkfluffywarrior: Crochet flower bunting / triangles (PATTERN): Hello! I can't quite believe that we only have 2 days left till we move! I can't for the life of me work out where that time has gone. Tod...

I'm on a roll now..

Still not got off the chair yet to go to the loo....just remembered I've got a couple of photos from my mobile of one of my latest's a lapghan....very bog-standard....but I like it and hope to finish it one day soon...hopefully before the end of this year.

I've now managed to sew them together and am in the middle of creating a border.  I used Wendy Mode DK from Kemps Wool Shop and Deramores
I'm also a HUGE fan of Black Sheep Wools based in Culcheth ......
it's a FAB shop to visit !!!

My first comment.....

Yay.....I've got my first comment.....from Hayley aka Pink Fluffy Warrior.....helloooooooo :-)
I'm still fumbling around with blogging so not quite sure how to "do" stuff on my how do I add someone's blog address into my post ? 

I'll give this a whirl...errr.....mmmmm ?......let's try I choose "link" or "edit HTML" ?


Whoa !!! I'm chuffed now...doesn't take much. 
Let's see what else I can do..........

Tilly - my friend Freda's little puddy

Right that's all folks !  I need a cuppa and a little trip to the girlie's room

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Borth-y-Gest beach on Christmas Day 2009

Jess and Ernie....just lounging around

I can swim.....yay :-)

Sun going down at Black Rock Sands

Oh to be by the sea !!

Anybody out there ?

I suppose all new bloggers feel like this blogging lark is a bit pointless when no-one is's good to use it as a diary though....

I've got loads of things I want to stick on my blog but don't want to give up my time trying to locate all my fave photos because I want to crooooooo-chet.

Must write a list of stuff i want to show....

Patchwork photos
My lovely wool stash
Jess and the pigsters
Wales......oooooh yes my lovely Wales.....hopefully I'll be living there by this time next year....Penryhndeudraeth here I hope to come....:-)      I just need a buyer for my flat and off I'll go.
Yes must put on my fave Wales piccies...
Flowers, flowers and more flower photos.
My crochet creations..

My first childs hat
This is from a pattern from McKinleys Closet.

Jess and her pigsters.....I'm sure she thinks that they are her puppies

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Title ? Hmmmmm

Time to have a quick fiddle about with post and see what I can do and add in....I have fingers twitching at the ready to do something creative.
ooooh a jump break...not sure what that does...soon find out.

I think that creating a blog will help me if I ever need to create a website for myself.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

New to this blogging lark

As you can see by the giant chicks at the top...I'm new to blogging !!  No idea what I'm doing really, it's just a case of <<oh what does this do ?>> and <<Let's go for it>> and plenty of <<Hmm so that's what that means>>
I've been really impressed by some of the blogs I've visited and want mine to be as faberooney as theirs are....fat chance of that happening any time soooon.
Ah well back to the drawing board and fiddling around with some more buttons.
Keeps me off the streets and out of trouble I guess :-)
Now back to finding my next pattern to crochet...I like the circle in a square pattern and I've ordered some lurverly wool from Kemps wool which is currently waiting all alone for me at the couriers depot...bah can't get it until Monday....back to the pattern quest...I've found quite a few patterns I like from several blogs/sites...little tin bird site gets a big thumbs up and has a lovely circle in a square tutorial to follow.
Have a blessed day xxx

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Oooooh my very first post.....

I'm not actually sure what to write except hellooooo and hope that everyone has had a blessed weekend.
Oooooo I'd better go and make some dinner and stop fiddling with this computer as I seem to have a verrrrry hungry dog sat next to me...she's finished having a cuddle, snooze and feet licking session (mine of course.....soo lovely and relaxing) so I think I'd better go and feed her.
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