Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Happy Circles Table Runner - Pattern

This is a pattern which I really fancy doing. I think this is the one on Fiona's blog  but I'll have to check with her this Friday afternoon at the Bean & Brush cafe.

Here's the pattern instructions that go with it...

Make a chain (multiple of 8). I made 56 chains (Fig. 1)

Make a shell of 6 dc at the 4th. chain from hook, and close the shell with a st (slip stitch) at the 4th. chain from the shell center. (Fig. 2)

Continue making shells of 6 dc all along the chain. The center of each shell will be at the 4th. chain from the last "st" of the previous shell. (Fig. 3)

Turn down your work and start making shells in the opposite side. (Fig. 4)

Make 3 dc and join the circle to the previous color circles row with a slip stitch. (Fig. 5)

Complete the circle with 3 dc and close it with a slip stitch (Fig. 6)


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  1. I like that table runner! I'd like to crochet one for my mum for Christmas. This one looks nice and simple :-)


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