Saturday, 19 February 2011

Borth-y-Gest beach on Christmas Day 2009

Jess and Ernie....just lounging around

I can swim.....yay :-)

Sun going down at Black Rock Sands

Oh to be by the sea !!

Anybody out there ?

I suppose all new bloggers feel like this blogging lark is a bit pointless when no-one is's good to use it as a diary though....

I've got loads of things I want to stick on my blog but don't want to give up my time trying to locate all my fave photos because I want to crooooooo-chet.

Must write a list of stuff i want to show....

Patchwork photos
My lovely wool stash
Jess and the pigsters
Wales......oooooh yes my lovely Wales.....hopefully I'll be living there by this time next year....Penryhndeudraeth here I hope to come....:-)      I just need a buyer for my flat and off I'll go.
Yes must put on my fave Wales piccies...
Flowers, flowers and more flower photos.
My crochet creations..

My first childs hat
This is from a pattern from McKinleys Closet.

Jess and her pigsters.....I'm sure she thinks that they are her puppies

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Title ? Hmmmmm

Time to have a quick fiddle about with post and see what I can do and add in....I have fingers twitching at the ready to do something creative.
ooooh a jump break...not sure what that does...soon find out.

I think that creating a blog will help me if I ever need to create a website for myself.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

New to this blogging lark

As you can see by the giant chicks at the top...I'm new to blogging !!  No idea what I'm doing really, it's just a case of <<oh what does this do ?>> and <<Let's go for it>> and plenty of <<Hmm so that's what that means>>
I've been really impressed by some of the blogs I've visited and want mine to be as faberooney as theirs are....fat chance of that happening any time soooon.
Ah well back to the drawing board and fiddling around with some more buttons.
Keeps me off the streets and out of trouble I guess :-)
Now back to finding my next pattern to crochet...I like the circle in a square pattern and I've ordered some lurverly wool from Kemps wool which is currently waiting all alone for me at the couriers depot...bah can't get it until Monday....back to the pattern quest...I've found quite a few patterns I like from several blogs/sites...little tin bird site gets a big thumbs up and has a lovely circle in a square tutorial to follow.
Have a blessed day xxx

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Oooooh my very first post.....

I'm not actually sure what to write except hellooooo and hope that everyone has had a blessed weekend.
Oooooo I'd better go and make some dinner and stop fiddling with this computer as I seem to have a verrrrry hungry dog sat next to me...she's finished having a cuddle, snooze and feet licking session (mine of course.....soo lovely and relaxing) so I think I'd better go and feed her.
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