Saturday, 20 August 2011

pinkfluffywarrior: Crochet flower bunting / triangles (PATTERN)

pinkfluffywarrior: Crochet flower bunting / triangles (PATTERN): Hello! I can't quite believe that we only have 2 days left till we move! I can't for the life of me work out where that time has gone. Tod...

I'm on a roll now..

Still not got off the chair yet to go to the loo....just remembered I've got a couple of photos from my mobile of one of my latest's a lapghan....very bog-standard....but I like it and hope to finish it one day soon...hopefully before the end of this year.

I've now managed to sew them together and am in the middle of creating a border.  I used Wendy Mode DK from Kemps Wool Shop and Deramores
I'm also a HUGE fan of Black Sheep Wools based in Culcheth ......
it's a FAB shop to visit !!!

My first comment.....

Yay.....I've got my first comment.....from Hayley aka Pink Fluffy Warrior.....helloooooooo :-)
I'm still fumbling around with blogging so not quite sure how to "do" stuff on my how do I add someone's blog address into my post ? 

I'll give this a whirl...errr.....mmmmm ?......let's try I choose "link" or "edit HTML" ?


Whoa !!! I'm chuffed now...doesn't take much. 
Let's see what else I can do..........

Tilly - my friend Freda's little puddy

Right that's all folks !  I need a cuppa and a little trip to the girlie's room
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