Pets Gallery

My pets are part of my family so I thought I'd share my photos of them with you :-)

Jess & her boys

Bert and Ernie just lounging around

Jess & Bertie

Hey Bertie...wotcha doing in that box ?

Ernie's first bath....he loved the blow dry

Kisses..yes pleeeeeeeese !!

Cuddle-time in our cozy pocket

Ernie trying to camouflage himself

Bertie chillin' out

Hey look at me.....I'm soooo cute's snooze time zzzzzzz

We love beans !!

Munch munch munch

We know you've been in the fridge Mummy.....we want tweaties....beans..carrots...nom nom nom

Cuddle time please

I'm sooo pretty

I'm under here...snoozling

Bertie sporting his bouffant look

Ernie catching up on his fave blog

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  1. You have gorgeous piggies! They're so lucky to be indoors, ever such comfy bedding!


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