Sunday, 13 February 2011

Title ? Hmmmmm

Time to have a quick fiddle about with post and see what I can do and add in....I have fingers twitching at the ready to do something creative.
ooooh a jump break...not sure what that does...soon find out.

I think that creating a blog will help me if I ever need to create a website for myself.

I've got just over a week now until I get "the letter" .....the one from work with my redundancy details.  Twenty years service down the drain but hopefully it's going to be a new start for me in a more simplistic type of life.  I don't even know where I'm going to work and at what.  So much for those people that say "Elaine doesn't do change"

The Lord changes me (thankfully !!) day by day and I'm not always able to tell what He's doing in me...but He IS doing a work in me so I'm going to carry on putting my trust in Him....the One who cares and knows me better than I know myself and the One who is able to forgive me when I mess up (and repent).

Yay !!! I've put in a's a butterfly (well yes I know you know that) but it's good to remind myself that once this beautiful butterfly was just a humble caterpillar before it came out of it's just like that I will one day be beautiful and pure before the Lord and in the meantime I'm continually being changed likies.....

Time for dinner.....mmmmmm currry....then some crochet...must finish that pesky hat before I can start circles in a square thingymagiggy.

Have a blessed
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