Saturday, 19 February 2011

Anybody out there ?

I suppose all new bloggers feel like this blogging lark is a bit pointless when no-one is's good to use it as a diary though....

I've got loads of things I want to stick on my blog but don't want to give up my time trying to locate all my fave photos because I want to crooooooo-chet.

Must write a list of stuff i want to show....

Patchwork photos
My lovely wool stash
Jess and the pigsters
Wales......oooooh yes my lovely Wales.....hopefully I'll be living there by this time next year....Penryhndeudraeth here I hope to come....:-)      I just need a buyer for my flat and off I'll go.
Yes must put on my fave Wales piccies...
Flowers, flowers and more flower photos.
My crochet creations..

My first childs hat
This is from a pattern from McKinleys Closet.

Jess and her pigsters.....I'm sure she thinks that they are her puppies

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