Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Free e-books online

Hello Peeps....I'm really quite excited at my new find on the net. I've been tidying up my internet favourites bar into more organised folders and came across Julia Crossland's blog..


Well anyway Julia's shared her first free e-book which has some lovely crochet patterns and so me being a real tight-wad (I was in Accounts before being made redundant) very quickly opened up this super-dupa freebie and then quickly discovered MORE FREE e-books - yay - love that word....free.

As so many of you bloggers out there are fab at sharing patterns and I'm just a baby crocheter and can't create my own patterns, I thought I'd share my fantabulous find...before I zone out completely in free e-book-land for the rest of the afternoon !!

Here's the linky...   http://issuu.com     I just did a search for crochet and lods of stuff popped up !!

Try this book - especially if you're a beginner... http://issuu.com/talpa/docs/crocheting_school?mode=window&backgroundColor=%23222222

I did try to embed this book onto my blog but not being a techy type I couldn't manage it. Hopefully you will all have better luck than me..

Have fun :-)

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